Before June of this year, tour operators, group leaders and travel agencies could book group domestic contracts for 10 or more passengers with Delta Airlines. Then came the decision that the carrier would discontinue issuing group airfare contracts for domestic flights. In the beginning, the details were limited as they shaped what that would now look like to the consumers it serves.

Delta has made the decision that only travel agencies with a dedicated sales representative are able to quote and book domestic group airfare, and maintain the “perks” of the group contract.  Those without this standing with the carrier are only able to book at the published fares in blocks of 9 seats and only with immediate payment. No name changes allowed once ticketed.

This decision has long term consequences for the tour operator and individual group leaders who often self-book for student tours and competitions. Gone are the options of a set fare, guaranteed itineraries, deposits, utilization dates, name changes and balances due 30-45 days prior to travel. This limits groups a great deal if these options are not in place.

There was no real reason given as to the changes, but we are grateful that GroupSource can continue to offer our clients the same Delta group contracts we’ve offered in the past. If Delta is your preferred carrier or you would like their pricing for your group, you can call us at 800-800-2519 and one of our agents will be glad to assist you with this booking.

Is it possible that this is the way of the future with other carriers making the same decisions? We are not sure, but in the travel industry, if there is a successful trend, others will often, in their own way follow. We will let you know if it does.

So if you are looking to book Delta for your group, please follow this link and submit the form: