Last year, many travelled but more stayed home in the bubble of Covid.  As already seen by the recent record travel numbers of Labor Day, we are ready to travel again, and if it is any indication as to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, plan early and brace yourself.

There is an industry prediction that most airfare will increase in cost at the end of October 2021, some are saying by at least 20%. That could be even higher for more popular destinations such as Orlando, Colorado and Mexico given how fast these fares sell out. So if you are planning travel for this time, it is important to start now if you haven’t already.

AIRFARE: Many people don’t truly understand airfare and when booking online, they see a fare for one person and assume it is the fare for all.  Not always true.  Many times there will only be a few at that fare, and if you are travelling with a larger group, the last ones ticketed could very well cost more in the end than in the beginning.  Call us! We can help by providing all of your options.

RENTAL CARS: There is a shortage on rental cars these days.  I recently had a friend fly for an overnight business trip to Charleston, not a car to be found, except for one and the price of that was double what is normal. Rental cars are on an average up 78% from this time last year. Another friend flew into New Orleans and while they had a reservation, their car was rented out from under them prior to their landing.  And yet another had their car totaled while moving across the country and could not find a replacement car and instead rented a one way moving truck just to finish the trip.  There are new solutions, like the car version of an Airbnb. Individuals are renting their vehicles to visitors in their area as they arrive at the airport or need local transportation.  It costs a bit more, but overall is a viable option for many.

TRAINS AND BUSES: These forms of transportation are always busy, but this year the fare impact is real.  Like airlines, trains and buses will sell their lower fares out quickly, leaving the higher fare seats and cabins open for last minute travelers.  As with the airlines it is best to book earlier than later.

HOTELS AND RESORTS: Again, the impact of travel domestically has dramatically affected availability across the country.  We have heard stories of bookings that although contracted, have been more per night at check in than agreed upon.  Most of these individuals book on internet sites, and while a great option, it is important to verify this information with the actual hotel once the reservation is made.  Double checking the rate, room guarantees, check-in and check-out times and amenities with the location will bring peace of mind and hopefully less surprises.  Always keep the reservation paperwork and notes on who you spoke to in case you need it for verification.

With careful and early planning, you should be able to navigate this holiday with a little more ease.  You know what makes it even easier? Calling us!  We have the experience that can be yours, to guide and direct, and to make this season even merrier!  Call us at 800-800-2519.