Last year it was Cuba. Most likely because the travel ban had been lifted and the country was welcoming tourism and while it still is a major “go to” there are new spots emerging.

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Santiago, Chile – With the launch of world famous restaurants and hotels (with the best door security guard) as well as an emerging arts district, Santiago is the new “go to” for South America. There are also adventure trips from Santiago into the Atacama Desert.

Todos Santos, Mexico – Long considered a hidden jewel between the peninsula of Baja, California and Cabo San Lucas, it is a quieter version of the more tourist driven towns. It is well known for Punta Lobos Beach and the community’s artisans.

Cardiff, Wales – Accessible by air or on the Eurorail from London, Cardiff boasts of incredible food, an internationally award arts complex and the Cardiff Castle. The Snowden Mountain National Park is the second highest point in the British Isles, has its own railway and a beautiful coast line.

Hamburg, Germany – This hamlet is the second-largest city in Germany and is a cultural hub for museums, modern design and concerts. Visit at Christmas and enjoy the Christmas Market.

Adelaide, Australia – Well known for their beautiful coast line, Adelaide is becoming famous for their dining and hotel experiences. It is open for water activities and night life. If you are a foody this is likely the best location for a one of a kind experience.

Muscat, Oman – Most people want to visit Abu Dhabi or Dubai, but this small coastal town has the highly acclaimed Royal Opera House and the world famous Al Bustan Palace Hotel. It is a once in a lifetime trip.

Seoul, South Korea – This is the new hotspot for travel to the Orient. If you love Korean cuisine, chefs are building up an area in Seoul called Insadong. There is also a modern center for the arts and ancient palaces.

Detroit, Michigan – Motor City is being rebuilt from the ground and old buildings are being renovated to trendy living spaces, eateries and hotels. There is also a new stadium being built for the local teams like the Pistons and Red Wings and it looks like concerts in the waiting for scheduling.

Oahu, Hawaii – A classic American holiday destination, you can experience the topics of the south pacific without a passport. There are so many things to do in Oahu this year, the island is experiencing a cultural revival with musicians and artisans like never before. Not to mention the many beautiful beaches suitable for either swimming or surfing.

Nashville, Tennessee – According to the Travel Channel Nashville’s diverse arts and music scene as well the abundance of cuisine choices has this the “go to” hot spot in the South. There is also a large section of town known for thrifting, junking and antique malls and don’t forget the Nashville Flea Market on the 4th weekend of every month.

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