Much has been made in recent days about holiday travel during the time of Covid.  Americans have literally been told to stay home and not fly, ride trains, drive cars or any transportation means you would choose.  Yet at the writing of this article millions have taken to the air to fly home for Thanksgiving.

What is an interesting note is that the safest place to likely be right now is on an airplane.  Harvard’s School of Public Health just issued a report with two key statements on record:

“Ventilation of air on aircraft reduces the possibility of exposure to COVID-19; lower than other common settings, such as grocery store or indoor restaurant.”

“This effectively counters the proximity travelers are subject to during flights. Because of the frequent exchange of air and HEPA filters on planes, over 99% of the particles containing the virus are removed from cabin air.”

Of course the filters, combined with masks, distancing and disinfectants, have provided for a “let us get back to normal” ideology.  Most airlines are requiring masks be worn the entire flight, which is the key hinge to the Harvard Study.  The airlines across the boards are a unified front on mask wearing going as far as to ban passengers from flight who do not comply.  And now one major international carrier will implement a “proof of vaccine” certificate prior to flying, and you have to wonder if others will follow suit.

While the Harvard Study was sponsored by Airlines for America, a U.S. Department of Defense study also came to the same conclusion even going a step further.  They have indicated that the types of HEPA filters used on aircraft now do not pose any higher risk than other public places.

So with these two reports in place, where does that leave you the passenger?  Many still are hesitant about air travel at this time, and that can be understandable, however when looking at the recent number of those traveling for the holidays, there is hope.

There are risks that we take every day.  Before Covid we feared the flu and other communicable diseases too, and oddly we took the bulk of the precautions that are being taken now, we did well, and moved freely.  We realize that Covid is a higher risk at this time, the question is with all of the precautions in place, what are you comfortable with? While we can’t answer that for you, only you can, we can offer the information above to help with your decision.

If you decide to travel, please call us, we will help you navigate the waters, the air and the roads.