I saw a quote recently that read “I miss precedented times.”  Don’t we all?  Everyone continues to speak of the “new normal” when in reality we really do not know what that looks like.  We can hope for it to be something we recognize in its end, but honestly there are things that will never be the same.  So what do we do?

The old adage is true “hope for the best and plan for the worst” meaning to take everything into account.  Yet the truth of the matter is this, we have always had to do this no matter the times we are living in.  There is caution to every action, that is why we have a plan B and sometimes C.

Even in the best of times, travel can have its own set of issues from weather to mechanical, we have ALWAYS had to be flexible when it comes to crawling on a plane or a bus to go anywhere in the world.  It happens pandemic or not, that travel can be a “hold your breath and pray to God it all goes well” kind of adventure.  BUT WE GO!  We have had civil unrest in countries, but you still plan to go!  We have hurricanes the size of the island, but we still plan to go.  We face mounting uncertainties every day, but the key is it hasn’t stopped us, so why now?

So now there are added precautions and rules to our travel and in exchange we have cleaner seat backs, more room to spread out and the guy that sleeps next to us with his mouth open actually has a mask covering it.  So in reality it is not all that bad of a deal.

All kidding aside, it is just time to get back to travelling.  Seriously, it is time.  Most of the groups that are travelling with our agency are starting in March.  Some will go earlier domestically, but most are Spring Break and Summer travel.  These brave souls are like we are planning for 50 people and we are going to ______________. You pick it as we have a variety of destinations on tap.

Many of you are waiting on approval from those you are submitted to, and we get that.  Many are you are being protective of your students and their families and we understand.  So here is the thing….. when this lifts, and it will, there will be a large amount of people looking for space on airplanes, and leasing buses and booking hotels.  So if you could move forward now, ahead of them with the basics, it would be wise to do so.  What are the basics?  The destination, the number in your group and your dates of travel to start and you can fill in the blank areas from there.

There are questions to be asked about deposits and refunds and “what happens if” and those are all things we can help you with.  While we cannot predict the future we do know enough about the carriers and their business in this time to help you walk through that with you and with those that make those decisions on your behalf.

The airlines want our business, so they have been fair in how they have applied their rules to upcoming travel.  We look for those rules to go even broader in days to come.

So come on and give us a call and we will move forward together toward more precedented times!