We serve a very diverse group of clients.  We have groups and individuals that travel to the far reaches of the earth and many who travel within our own country’s borders.  Some are on humanitarian quests, many are missionaries and there are groups that travel for educational studies.  We also represent schools, colleges and universities who fly to competitions and tournaments for sports, music and robotics.  Then there are the families that travel in large and small numbers to family reunions or once in a lifetime cruises and tours. All of those groups were impacted beginning in March 2020 when the Covid Crash came in.  The thought was to schedule again, but many are at mercy of waiting while decisions of closing and opening countries and states still hold in a pending status.  YET…

In all of the calls and emails we have received one thing stands sure, they are not stopping travel.  When their schedules resume it may indeed be different from before, but they, like their purpose, is resilient.  They are still practicing, still building teams, still planning and most of all still hoping.

Right now, it might be hard to see past the wall, but the most hopeful thing you do is plan ahead now, projecting forward into 2021.

One thing that is emerging in this ongoing information overload on the impact of Covid is that we must be flexible; fully aware that through no fault of our own, things can change on a dime. Now how does that factor into travel?  Here are some tips that hopefully will help you move forward with your plans:

  • First, make your plans! Let’s say you want to travel as a group to Haiti next Spring on a humanitarian mission.  Do all of your normal planning that you do for dates, locations, duties and restrictions.  Leave room for changes and have a Plan B and even C, just in case.
  • Second, call us! As this thing is lifting and people are making plans to travel, space is going to fill up; you need to hold that space now. Because we are a preferred travel agency with the carriers we have options to offer you to assist in getting you booked with the most room for unexpected changes.
  • When we help you choose your flights, we will also check the rules. Be prepared to possibly pay a deposit earlier than before, or even ticket earlier than what has been standard.  Carriers are working with groups on change fees and cancellations, but you must understand the rules of the particular contract we will offer from the carrier.  It is RARE that they waiver on it.
  • Please don’t make assumptions about the travel industry.
    • One of the biggest mistakes we find among those seeking the best travel options is assuming that if you book at a certain time on a certain day that you will get a better rate. That has never been fully truth, and with what the industry is experiencing now, any of those rules are out the window.
    • Also, do not believe that the airlines are so desperate for your business that they are giving their seats away. Have there been deals? YES! But those deals have come in limited amounts and with many restrictions.
    • Be prepared for limited availability. Everyone wants to fly at a specific time of day but carriers have been required to limit capacity on their planes and it reflects in the schedule.  Sometimes you may have to alter your ideal time to the acceptable one.
    • Be aware that safety measures are in place on every carrier and in every airport to help insure the least amount of exposure and risk. Each carrier has their own rules regarding masks, fever checks and symptom questions that you will be asked to cooperate with.

One of the very best things we can all do right now is prepare for the future while we are dealing with the now of things. What if Covid were to lift as quickly as it fell on us?  Plan now for the future. It provides purpose, potential and practical measures to the days ahead.  It also assures you the means to travel.

Teams will keep practicing and preparing, why wouldn’t all groups keep that kind of preparation going as well?

Call us today to get started with the travel portion of your trip.  We have options in group and individual airfare, ground transportation, tours and accommodations.  800-800-2519

Let us help you serve more and travel further!!!