I hear the words “OPEN SEAS” and my mind always drifts backward to my very first cruise adventure.  The memory has equal joy and equal distress when I think of it.


Once upon a time, I was asked to go on a cruise with a large group, as in around 400 people, 400!  And that is not counting those on board that were not with us.  It was a “Gospel Concert” cruise and about 5 different singing groups had sold cruise packages to their fans to travel with them. The idea was free time during the day with a concert every night and repeating it for days.

My cruise was free courtesy of the leader of the group as long as I was willing to help him “manage” the groups and the evening events.  Free cruise to Mexico?  Absolutely!

We arrived at the dock in Tampa and I began to look for the boat that was on the brochure. Much to my dismay, it looked nothing like it, and sat on the water like a tug boat would.  People around me were a little concerned and although I could say nothing aloud, we were thinking the same thing…  this boat was old and we were going to pray for its sea worthiness. In the end it was nice enough although the creaking and crashing sounds as it hit high water had me thinking this might be my Titanic.  I did have dinner with the Captain one night, a charming Swede that kept in touch for a while.  I remember prime rib and the strongest horseradish I have ever tasted. On the last night, still hundreds of miles from shore, we ran straight into a tropical storm that was gaining speed and the true story is that the groups on stage had to hold onto something to perform. Seeing everyone walking sideways is forever buried in my mind.  The aforementioned joy and distress was wrapped up in every moment.

Honestly, I have declined every cruise offer since.  No more tug boats for me. BUT there is a certain cruise line that has caught my attention now with their big ship and what looks to be a full city on board and I am actually thinking when does it sail because I want to go!

I am hungry for travel, hungry for getting on a plane and going somewhere, or cruising or road tripping it, just something to make a memory with.  And if I am, I believe so many others are too.

We have a whole world of travel at our disposal here at GroupSource.  We are known for getting groups to where they are going, whether it is missions, humanitarian, school trips, reunions, business or sports… yet we are also known for helping with family vacations, Disney trips, and cruises and much more like Faith Based Travel for example.

The world is opening again, and we couldn’t be happier.

So many people think that booking your own travel is the way to go, but navigating travel in a Covid world is tough.  We can help you and take one more thing off your list of things to do.

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