It goes without saying that we have all experienced a truly unbelievable year.  We have heard the words unprecedented, pandemic, Coronavirus and Covid enough that we will likely never want to hear them again. It has been a season of ups and downs and a journey into the unknown and the uncertain like most of us have never experienced.

Everything has been impacted in this year.  From the way that we conduct our daily lives, to finances, to business, to travel and the way that we have learned to handle our health concerns.  There has been unbelievable loss in this year, some so personal that we will feel the impact from here forward.  There has been much that we have sacrificed and much that we have given new priority to.

In this process though, something has happened to us it seems, and hopefully it will be for the good that sets the pace for the coming days. We have learned how to adapt and how to survive it. And that is to be celebrated.

With all of the sorrows, disappointments and adjustments that 2020 has brought to us, there is a sense of determination that has come.  It is as if there is a resilience to make things change, to do life in spite of limitations and to defy the probabilities in the process.  To teach 2020 a lesson, we have learned to adapt and to find ways to still enjoy life, to still extract joy and hope.  You hear it when you listen to what is not being said as much as what is.

So from all of us here at GroupSource, we want to extend our heartfelt care for what 2020 has brought to you.  And too, we want to celebrate with you every victory in these past days, comfort you in loss and recognize the stem of hope that we see rising among us. There is light still, darkness will never overtake it, so we use that, and the prayer of the ages to bring us through.  We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We are believing for good things to come and hope you will believe with us.  After all, it is the season of such things.