On any given year, the last few days are often spent in a busy whirl of new that meets tradition and the reflection of times past.  This Christmas as is with the last, is a very different holiday than we have most likely ever experienced.  All of it has set a tone for us, a mood, a thought or two of how the future might just be.

This month this blog is not about travel, or information about the up and coming, but rather a moment to just put something out into the world with hopes that in some way it resonates with those who read it.

We have always been told to look on the bright side, or see the good. Decidedly, that has been a little hard at times these past days.  Yet it is what we cling to, knowing that things will change, things will get better, things will happen to us again, and we will push forward.  It is the cycle of our living, the ups and the downs.

Our thoughts have been with you, those who have lost as well as those who have thrived in these hours.  We all have learned to mourn and to also rejoice, to change and to be resilient in staying steadfast.  We have found our way and also a new way of doing things.

People are hopeful we find, like those booking humanitarian travel and family trips, wanting to move forward into normalcy, no matter how new it seems.  Then there are those inquiring about package deals to theme parks and cruises, wanting and needing something different in the days to come.  Life, no matter how unprecedented, seems to be moving forward.

So as we celebrate the birth of Jesus this month, and the end of 2021, we look forward to 2022 with hope for the future and faith that you will find all the hope and courage and joy you will need in the everyday to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at GroupSource.