Recently I quoted a group trip to Hawaii for around 40 people.  The dates of travel were in peak season and while that added to the cost of it, the prices were staggering.  The hotel and airfare combined was enough to buy a couple of cars. We opted for something without crossing water and landed on a resort in California.  Rooms are scarce at this time as are rental cars and vans, adding to the complexity of domestic travel. WHY?

There is a common thread of thought among industry watchers as Covid and the Delta Variant linger, that most Americans are opting to stay on American soil.  In part due to concern of exposure, limited access to foreign countries and the required vaccine for a lot of means of travel, people are deciding to stay closer to home. Travel within the US thus far has not required a proof of vaccine or a negative test to board an airplane or train. Many people are still deciding on the vaccine while others are refusing to get one at all.  So destinations like Hawaii, Alaska, California and Florida have heated up with bookings.  New York and Chicago have also seen a turnaround in lodging and transportation.

Cruise ships, no matter where they sail are requiring a negative test and a proof of a vaccine.  While cruises are picking up in bookings, it still remains a slow trickle compared to pre-pandemic numbers.  People are absolutely booking but have extended the travel to a later time in hopes that this latest wave of Covid will be a distant memory.

So what do you do if you want to travel?  You do what is best for you. If you are not planning on getting the vaccine, then plan for options that do not require it.  It is that simple.  Individual states have their guidelines and they should be followed, but most states allow travel, especially by car in free transit.

There are parks, national monuments, great cities, tropical excursions, theme parks and road trips that can be enjoyed in a domestic setting, just as much as travelling abroad or cruising.  There are options and options that fit every opinion.

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