Feeling restricted by the restrictions of a pandemic?  Is it time to break out of the ordinary day to day humdrum of the same ole same ole? How about some travel to shake it up.  Travel you say? Why yes!  Here are some places that we can book for you today and you will soon be on your way.

If you want to stay “domestic” then HAWAII is a great option.  We all know the islands are filled with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, rainforests and winding canyons.  It is a great destination for families as well as couples who need some down time.  There is so much to explore from scenic views to volcanos or take a historic tour of Pearl Harbor.

Hawaii no longer requires a 14 day quarantine on arrival, and will accept a state-approved negative Covid test as entry.  Provided the test is administered 72 hours prior to arrival.  Once in the airport, a temperature check is required along with a health screening.

Most attractions are open with a 50 percent capacity to most and you will find some restrictions at the beach as social distancing will be required.  Some other venues such as nightclubs are closed.  Masks are required.

But what about International destinations?  Here are a few we can consider:

MEXICO – While the borders of Mexico are closed to traffic, the airports and seaports are open!  Entry will require a completed health declaration. Face coverings are required at all times and there are limitations to space on buses and public places such as restaurants and hotels. There are some limitations on popular tourist destinations as well, but the ocean is open.  Imagine that for a moment!

Riviera Mayoenjoy swimming with turtles and touring ancient ruins!

Los Caboszipline, rock climbing, snorkeling, surfing, explore canyons and relax on crystal blue waters.

Cancunalways a popular favorite, you can walk on white sand beaches, shop the local markets for handcrafted jewelry, purses and rugs, and enjoy incredible food and also water sports.

CARIBBEAN– Each destination has their own health requirement and restrictions for travel, but it is an adventure worth taking.

Dominican RepublicThere is so much to do in the DR.  From beautiful beaches, to award winning resorts, you are surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, stunning coastlines, ancient ruins and relics and if you time your trip right, the Carnival celebration. Right now the casinos, nightclubs and theatres remain closed but most other areas are open to tourism.

You do not have to present a health certificate to enter but are subject to testing at your point of entry.  If a passenger is found positive for Covid, they will be quarantined per the country’s guidelines.  Social distancing and masks are required.

Saint LuciaCarnival and Jazz Festivals are popular draws for tourism in St Lucia because they are filled with rich culture and unique cuisine.  There are amazing mountain formations, breathtaking ocean views as well as the opportunity to absorb the local atmosphere with their world famous markets and explorations into the lifestyle of the island’s residents.  Most of the restaurants are take out or delivery currently, but think of dinner on the beach!  And the hotels that are open have been government approved to open.

When travelling to Saint Lucia you must have a negative result from a test no more than 7 days from the date of arrival along with a pre-arrival registration form.  You will also be screened upon entry.  Masks are required while in country.

JamaicaWhat can be said of a Jamaican adventure?  The offerings of Montego Bay and swimming at Dunn River Falls alone are enough to make you want to travel there, but add the adventures of the Rainforest and it is the perfect getaway.  There is also their legendary cuisine to consider.

Jamaica is stricter than the rest and passengers must submit a packet of information 24 hours prior to travel that includes health, a current negative Covid report, immigration and all customs forms and the same forms must be presented to board your flight and again at the airport.

Currently there are closures in some of the main tourist attractions and some are on limited schedules.  Most properties are open and will have their own requirements.

Aruba Known for beautiful weather with limited rainfall, you can visit and explore deserts, snorkel, boat and sun on white beaches.  The shopping here is legendary as is the local food offerings.

All passengers traveling to Aruba are required to complete forms online and they must be approved in order to be permitted entry. The information is basic traveler data, health information and a negative Covid test.  You will be required to purchase Aruba Visitors Insurance, and provide consent to the government Covid mandates.  If you are coming from a U.S. ‘hotspot’ state, another level of precaution is taken and you must take a Covid test at their own expense within the 72-hour period prior to their departure and take another test at your own expense upon arrival. You will then be required to quarantine while awaiting the test results.

Aruba has had a low Covid outbreak, so most businesses and resorts are open.  Masks are required everywhere.


So there are some ideas…  why not give us a call today at 800-800-2519 and we can start your journey.  LET OUR EXPERIENCE BE YOURS!